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Why Choose A. W. Tozer Seminary?


Tozer is especially designed for men and women who are serving in ministry settings but have not yet finished their theological training. Our educational format is designed to allow you to stay in your ministry setting while finishing your education. While here Tozer will target your calling, your character and your competence for ministry. 

A  Video Message From the Dean

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Video Messages From the Faculty

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A faculty focused on transformation and ministry.

Our seminary is named after A. W. Tozer because like Tozer we are committed to Christlike transformation. To this end our faculty members are adjunct by design. The men and women who teach our courses are practitioners in ministry; they are appropriately trained and credentialed to teach graduate level education and are scholars in the context of being godly disciples! For background information on our faculty click on the "Staff and Faculty" tab on the bottom half of this page. Watch the video for testimonies from Tozer professors about their approach to training you.

Intimate and personal.

Classes are small and you will have the opportunity to ask your questions and to personally interact with your instructors. We believe this is a far more powerful learning experience than large classes. Dialogues allow you to clarify your understanding and access the wisdom of the instructor. The video testimony at right from student Josh Yang illustrates this approach. (Click below to read Josh Yang's story.)  

Student Testimony

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Highlights of Some of Our 1-Week Intensives



Professor Tom Mount

This class explores the beauty and wonder of our triune God; the complex nature, tragic history and redemptive possibilities of humanity; and the fascinating realm of angels. The course reverently examines these mysteries without trying to comprehend them fully. Our goal is to better understand God and His ways so that we might more consistently adore and commune with Him, seeking more intimate union with Him in this life and the life to come. The main text is Thomas Oden's Classic Christianity.



Professor Gary Tangeman

This course addresses the spiritual, psychological, emotional, mental, physical, and relational aspects of being a leader. This course also deals with the complexities of church family life, the great need for self-awareness, the discipline of staying mindful of other people’s expectations, and honoring wise boundaries in relationships.



Professor Leron Heath

Emphasis will be on developing competencies related to strategic planning as well as planning and leading group meetings (boards, committees, task forces) in the various areas of ministry (worship, education, evangelism, missions, and fellowship). Politics within a congregational setting will also be explored.



Professor Rodney Casey

This course gives specific attention to sermon components, sermon delivery, and the responsibility of the preacher to handle the Word accurately. Students will be given the opportunity to increase their self-awareness as they develop preaching skills.

Request contact from, or information about, Tozer Theological Seminary.

Subscribe to our blog and go deeper with God with the free Guide to Growth.

Key Program Information

Our programs are designed for your passions.

We are eager to transform you and to equip you to transform others. We will work with you to make this happen.

Some of the pages that you can link to from here have inquiry or contact forms on the page. For better service we recommend that you fill out the contact form on this site found here.

Tozer is associated with the Christian and Missionary Alliance denomination so we are cross-denominational. We have students from many different backgrounds. Tozer can be a good fit for anyone who is faithful to Scripture!


One Week Intensives

Many of Tozer's classes are a hybrid of coursework throughout the semester combined with one-week intensives in Redding, California or Woodland, California. We also hold video classes in Columbia, MO. Tozer also has online courses but a student must take intensives in order to complete any program.


​​​​​​​​Certificate Programs

Tozer provides shorter Certificate Programs for specific needs. Whether you are looking to expand your knowledge, improve your ministry, or are working towards ministry licensing, these programs may fulfill your needs. Find more info here.


Saturday School for Ministry Licensing 

Held in Woodland, CA the Saturday School combines weekly online study with one Saturday face-to-face classroom session per month over the four-month course duration. The cost is $426 per credit. Special arrangements for those seeking C&MA licensure are available. Find more info here.


​​​​Course Schedule & Catalog

Go to this page and click on the "TZ" tab for the schedule of upcoming courses for the next four semesters.

Download the Tozer course and information catalog here.  This catalog includes all of Simpson University of which Tozer is a graduate school. The Tozer information is on pages 343 to 412.

Please contact us to find out if we can serve you.

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